Electronic Money//Starwars money?Or Gluons?

Technology and the Electronic Starwars revolutuion has delivered the total formula of the Theory of Everything in the world of technology and all functions and processes are computed on this electonic inteligence system ,,predicibility,,past,,present and future,all things.
Not least ,,Money.
Money is desaigned electornicaly as a circle of "electons" on a wheel, giving those with the key as much as they want, but the catch involved that all they can spend goes back into this circle of electrons.So effectively it is communist and you need only take wht you need, for the work that you do.RThe work that you do however is dependant on you being a believer.I personally object to the lack of free will in this high philosophy , and in some wqays find this frredom a prison and its wealth a form of poverty.


The computer industries have known that subliminal programming of our mind works and basically have been wiring us all up by hypnotic systems(Microsoft etc), to get us to carry out the state required tasks,without realizing it.They do also know that it is clockworkm orange stuff, you dont actually need the hardware to receive the ideas upon which to impliment, so basically they have been using it for themselves to carry out whatever they require, lawlessly, from rape murder, stealing mobile phones. Perhaps an agent would be inconvienanced drastically at a crucial time, when all his other systems are perfect, hemay over look the cocaine addicted, subliminally programmed, hotel receptionist.It is a perfect toll which leaves no evidence. This is the cruciel thing, in "{inteligence" war.
Also for catching specimens, detainees, warfare in general.

The industry wishes to do away wite harware and develop computers that work by thought, so advance is this subliminal programing, that humans are taught basically to respond to, and be extensions of the silicon chip. this actually works, super kids everywhere.But it does go limitlessly further because the computer systems are now wired up to the formulas of the Four Fundemental Forces, and Unifier, of nature.Thus it is known that their no limit whatsoever to these xtensions of The Silicon Chip.However they do need the clockwork orange to maintain the supercomputers central unit.
Many of t5hese naturaly wired-up telepatrhs of the computer, can basically down load in a flash, by thought anything whatsoever that is,on mans colective concious data base, from the beginning of timr to the end of time.Life of Stuff is an understatement.
Whether any human indevidual is in control, or whether its life form has taken on its own controlership, I do not know.
So futer,and not to distant , architechts,know to plan gadgets maybe that will simply perform any miracle that thou shall so desire by telepathing witrh na unit on your bedroom desk table.i.e "Take me to USSR,if you will,and return me within 14 minutes"
or,,"please dematerialize that old furniture,and at the same time materialize a litre of wine".

The sinister sides of state central processing units ,however are very apparrant, as its military and police abuses are, and cyberspace is caught in an armageddon type war of attrocities good and evils,hithertoo unparelled on earth.


For instance , the new quantum electronics and asasosiated products/software,take the mind beyond, selfrealization, beyond the limits of who you are,.The technology is not understood.Even if or when ths is solved it still leaves problems and dangers. Mentally speaking the knowkledge locked up here is selfrealization,(mind), knowledge, and therefore top mental health is automatically assosiated. It is not so much of the computer crahing as the mind itself, because this is a hazardous and sensitive area for a being.Obviously requiring rules assosiated with this.
Although most acedemics would probably say with correct handling, there is no problem, Technologyies are poised to go much further,and then we see real possibilities of crashes of a damging,(disastrously),nature.
A;ready designers on the drawing board are well into the future on this already, and the point that is the crux of the matter, is technolgies relationship with Mind.Their is a immediate simbiotic relationship, with not just the new physics but also psychiatry and psychology.The mind areas that can be used are subject to the mental health of the user, and technicl answers, are no loger thecriteria, the cotrolling factor, then becomes the users mind health, not cording to the laws of the physical universe, but the laws of the "Natural man,or woman."There is aroblem here because this sets the l98mits as to how far we can go, which is not going to please the majority of the persons concerned,and is bound to arrive at a major shock and setback to the architechs and designers on the drawing board.
TO give an example of useage of the fundemental forces, if harnessed, one may want to use gravitons to travel interstellar distances at the instantaneous traveltimes, and find the problems involved with using technologies for dematerialization, are totally tied up with the subjects nature mental health ability to be in line with the criteria so involved. The vcase here is that one fears that scientist will consider it a physical problem only, and many would doubt this, that science can get away with this approach.
A note here is of course, that with the current state of quantum physics it is now realized that matter can be dematerialized in one place and put together in another.
Mental health,I believe will be the stumbling block of utilizing th new sciences, and have already proved to delivered a calamaty in peoples mental health

Philosophers Stone.

A page for sounding the implications that new discoveries and conciuousess,deliver. Hopefully logical and founded on fact.This is an area for the greater implications of advancements that have been delivered by science, in respect to the human races survival/extinction.It does look bleak to some, and claims that we are on the edge of extinction are well founded in my view. Others have such great faith in the miracles that science delivers, that they say this can save mankind.
Here it is worth placing the facts on the table and having a good look at them.